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Startup Journey


Apply online and pitch to be accepted for one of our free two week Validation Bootcamps, or check here for upcoming innovation challenges in your industry.


Validation Bootcamps run every month but selection is competitive. You'll be expected to show you’ve identified a real and valuable problem to be solved and why you are the right entrepreneur or team to solve that problem.

Validation Bootcamp

2 weeks

During the 2 week Validation Bootcamp we help you prepare to validate your idea and prepare a pitch presentation to assist you in raising your pre-seed investment.

Pre-Seed investment pitch

Pitch to a panel of investors and corporate partners with our innovation challenges, or go out and raise capital with the skills you learned during the bootcamp. Our venture fund may invest $25k at this point.


3-6 months

Our own design, engineering and production team will work with you to build a Commercially Viable Product, to a point where you can gain early traction and revenue.


Earn your first dollar… and then some more dollars! Our startups focus on business models which have definitive revenue-earning potential.


3-6 months

Once you've earned your first dollar it's time to scale up! Our growth hacking and marketing team will work with you to develop your online and offline sales and marketing strategies.

Seed Investment

Pitch to a group of angel investors to enable you to hire your first engineer and to build up your sales team. Our venture fund may invest at this round on a matched basis.


6-12 months

Now that you have raised capital, we help you with recruitment to build a team around you, and advise you on developing marketing strategy, scaling sales channels and company growth.

Series A

Once you've satisfied your business advisors, we assist you in being ready for institutional investment and help you prepare to raise a Series A investment round from venture capital funds.

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