ChilliSource® is our powerful startup technology framework.

So what is ChilliSource® and how does it work?

ChilliSource® is our powerful startup framework:

  • quick to develop the Commercially Viable Product (CVP)
  • robust enough to scale to massive size
  • suitable for massive increase in developer headcount
  • fast to recruit, train and integrate new developers to your team
  • able to cut down code development time whilst maintaining supportability

Most importantly, the startups own their own source code at the end of the development

ChilliSource combines well understood industry best coding practices and architecture, a rich suite of micro-components, a specialised package management system and continuous integration environment to enable Developers to rapidly develop, deploy and grow scalable enterprise-grade business applications with long lifespans.

Over $2 million has been invested in developing ChilliSource so far. Every startup investment receives this for free as the foundation of the business.

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